sophisTex custom designs a complete software solution which is targeted to bring the most value to your business.

Solution Development with sophisTex

Utilize the most valuable SAP functionality for you  

SAP offers a huge range of capabilities in ERP 6.0 as well as in SAP S/4HANA, besides standard SAP functionality with transaction, business processes and workflows. We help you utilize standard SAP functionality which is the most relevant for your business and develop add-ons to enhance the solution's initial performance.

As a result, your systems make the best out of standard SAP functionality and takes it to the next level by being designed and enhanced to fit to your business needs and processes. 

Design your SAP solution from scratch

SAP NetWeaver basis system can also be used for completely custom-designed solutions.

A completely custom-designed solution could be independent from any existing SAP functionality and data model but could also be reusing existing data (Master data like Material, Customer, Document) and existing functionality. 

Our Approach

We offer a productive-prototype development done in scrum-mode with very little effort for a working prototype that helps the business team to understand how the solution will look like. Unique in this approach is the fact that the prototype will evolve to the final solution without leaving a negative impact on architecture and quality. 

sophisTex will design your SAP solution from scratch and support you throughout its complete lifecycle, thereby providing you with a great software experience from development to implementation and beyond.

The possibilities are almost limitless, contact us today to get your small or large tailored solution based on the SAP basis components, running either on existing or on a dedicated new SAP system.

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