Switch Framework

Control your custom coding (enhancements, modifications, Z-coding) and relax in case of support requests (OSS tickets) that you send to SAP. Define your implementation projects and control functions based on context information as your user or environment parameters.


SAP implementations are feature rich in the standard delivery, but you have custom enhancements to fully cover your processes in nearly all modules and areas. However, this custom coding can become troublesome when opening support requests / OSS tickets with SAP.

sophisTex Switch Framework enables you to structure custom coding and enhancements and easily switch them on and off by setting a single global switch.


sophisTex Switch Framework controls individual software projects (customer specific developments or enhancements to SAP standard functionality) with multi-level switches. Switchable functionality offers the possibility to easily deactivate all enhancements resulting in a complete standard SAP system within seconds to prove that issues in the SAP standard are not caused by Z enhancements.

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